erc20和trc20转换(www.u2u.it):Cops arrest man armed with gun, machettes, keris, parang in Machang

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POLICE detained a man with a gun, keris, machette and drugs in his possession in a house at Taman Desa Bukit Ilmu, Kampung Air Belaga (B), Ulu Sat, Machang, Kelantan, on August 15.

Acting Kelantan police chief Muhamad Zaki Harun said the 28-year-old man was nabbed during a raid by the D9 unit of the state police headquarters at 11.50pm.

“During the raid police found a gun (Glock 19 Austria), a bullet inside the chamber and four more bullets in the casing,” he told reporters at the Kota Baru police headquarters, today.

Zaki said further investigations revealed that he also had two keris, nine machettes, a parang, 185 pills and white powder believed to be drugs.

The suspect who also has 10 previous criminal records for drug related offences tested positive for methamphetamine and will be remanded for 14 days.




In an unrelated event, police detained 92 illegal immigrants from Myanmar, comprising 71 men and 21 women, aged between 16 and 51, from a house in Kamping Belukar Pauh, Panji, at 4.40am on August 16.

“Also detained were seven local men who acted as transporters of the illegal immigrants. The transporters claimed that they received RM1,500 each from an agent who will wait for their arrival,” he said.

Zaki said following the information provided by the transporters, police detained the agent who admitted to organising the transportation of the illegal immigrants. A Perodua Bezza car that was used by the suspect and parked by the roadside near a supermarket in Wakaf Che Yeh was seized at 5.15am on August 17.

“The agent admitted that he organised the transportation of the illegal immigrants to Selangor and Kuala Lumpur,” he said, adding that police believe the illegal immigrants came through Sungai Golok three days ago.

Police also seized five cars, 14 handphones and RM4,113 in cash. – Bernama, August 22, 2022.


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